What Essential Items Do You Need For A Roadside Emergency Kit?

The majority of common automotive problems can be resolved temporarily without requiring a tow truck or roadside help. Keeping these goods in an emergency kit and understanding how to use them properly will get you back on the road quickly following car difficulties.

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Jumper Cables

We’ve all encountered a dead battery as a result of mistakenly leaving an overhead light on or listening to the radio with the engine turned off for an extended period of time. While a dead car battery can be extremely inconvenient and time-consuming, this car kit item offers a quick and simple solution. Jumper cables are a must-have item in every emergency automobile pack since they can prevent you from having to wait for roadside service or an unneeded tow truck. Jump-starting a car battery can be deadly if not done correctly. Before you connect your jumper cables and start the motor, double-check that you understand how to do it properly. You can jumpstart your automobile on your own if you have a lithium battery. If not, you’ll need to contact a buddy or ask for aid from someone nearby.

Replacement Tire

This one may seem self-evident, but it is a critical item on the checklist. Two of the most common causes of roadside crises are blown and flat tires. These perilous circumstances are much simplified if you have a functioning spare tire.

It’s fairly uncommon to overlook replacing your spare tire following an unexpected use, but it’s critical to keep it in good condition over time. Maintaining a spare tire in your vehicle is simply one component of the problem. To repair a flat tire on your own, you’ll need a car jack (which is often provided with new vehicles), a nut wrench, and an air pump. While learning how to change a tire properly will save you time and money in the long run, do not do it if you are unsure – avoid further damage by calling a tow truck or roadside help.

Versatile Multitool

Similar to a pocket knife, a multifunctional tool encapsulates a whole toolkit in a single handheld item. The equipment and pricing of multipurpose tools vary, but they often contain a screwdriver, pliers, scissors, and knives. Several of these tiny gadgets are developed expressly for roadside emergencies, like a seatbelt cutter and window hammer.

Duct Tape Roll

Everyone has seen a car’s bumper or side mirror attached with duct tape at some point in their lives, but this is not always a bad idea. Duct tape, like a band-aid, is not a permanent remedy, but it does give a temporary fix for a variety of unexpected tragedies. Apart from structural repairs, several types of duct tape are resistant to heat and can be used as temporary sealants for pipes and other vehicle components.

Additional Health and Wellness Products

If you are involved in a more serious accident or are unable to summon aid immediately, having the following goods in your emergency pack will enable you to survive in extreme or life-threatening situations until assistance arrives.

A Carry-On Charger for Cell Phones

Your cellphone is the most valuable tool you have in the event of a roadside emergency. If you are able to contact emergency services, an ambulance, police officer, or tow truck will arrive within minutes. If, on the other hand, your phone is dead and you have no method to charge it, the issue becomes much more difficult to manage. Having a phone charger in the car is critical. If your center console has a USB connection, all you need is the charging cord; if not, a fully charged power bank is also a crucial component of your car’s emergency kit.

First Aid Kit

In the majority of cases, routine automotive trouble does not result in bodily injury — but that does not mean you should not prepare for the worst-case scenario. Keeping a basic first aid kit in your car with antiseptic wipes, gauze, band-aids, and gloves is always a good idea.

Liquid Extinguisher

Automobile fires are relatively common and, regrettably, sometimes result in significant property damage and injuries if not extinguished quickly. Automobiles contain extremely flammable liquids, which increases the likelihood of a fire developing from an accident or collision. Keeping a fire extinguisher in your vehicle is a simple method to put an end to a potentially fatal situation. Ascertain that the fire extinguisher in your vehicle is certified for use on class B and class C fires.

Water Bottles & Snacks

There are numerous circumstances that could leave you stuck by the side of the road following an emergency, ranging from harsh weather to a lack of cell phone service. Bottled water and survival food, such as granola or protein bars, will prevent dehydration or hunger in extreme crises. Whether you’re stranded for a few hours or several days, you won’t regret stocking your emergency kit with food and water.

Reflective Triangles

To avoid similar tragedies, it is critical that drivers inform others of impending accidents or roadblocks. Reflective triangles are a well-known form of warning, particularly at night or on a small route. The basic rule of thumb is to set the first reflective indicator ten feet behind the incident, the second 100 feet behind the incident, and the last indicator 300 feet behind the event. Having said that, it is critical to assess the situation and, if necessary, establish earlier traffic indications.

Safety Vest with Reflective Trim

Accidents and breakdowns can occur at any time of day or night (and night). Ascertain that the situation does not deteriorate further by remaining extremely visible to anyone traveling on the road in the dark. You should not just get a safety vest; you should also consider acquiring reflective triangles. While these may be costly, they will be well worth the investment if they protect other drivers from colliding with you and your parked vehicle while you change your flat tire.

Learn More About Car Emergency Kits

Along with the items on this checklist, it’s critical to customize your automobile emergency kit with the materials you’ll need if you’re ever involved in an accident or become stranded on the side of the road. For instance, if you have children, it may be prudent to include activities or crafts to keep them occupied and quiet. If you ever find yourself in a roadside emergency allow the licensed and certified professionals at Careful Towing Services to assist you in securely returning home.