What Are the 6 Maintenance Tasks You Must Do in the Fall for Your Vehicle?

Fall has finally here, which means summer has passed us by and the days are set to become cooler and shorter as we approach winter. This is an ideal time to perform some routine vehicle maintenance, as the changing seasons have a variety of effects on our automobiles.

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Winter presents numerous obstacles for drivers and their vehicles, which is why it is critical to plan ahead throughout the Fall.

The following are six vehicle maintenance items to cross off your list this Fall:

Oil Change

When your oil level may appear to be enough at the moment, the colder weather makes oil more prone to freezing while the engine is neutrally colder, so you must be well-lubricated to maintain peak performance over the coming months. Keep in mind that oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, and you’ve certainly logged a good chunk of them during the summer months, especially if you’ve been traveling. It’s always a good idea to perform a fresh oil change in the fall to ensure that everything runs smoothly into the winter.

Ensure That Heaters and Defrosters Function Properly

As you might think, your heaters will be turned on more frequently during the fall and winter months, so always check to ensure they are operating properly, especially if you haven’t switched them on over the summer. Similarly, check defrosters to verify they are functioning properly — the last thing you want on a cold fall morning is a frozen windshield that you need to scrape off.

Examine the Battery

The combination of cooler weather and increased use of heaters puts greater pressure on the vehicle’s battery in the fall. As a result, it’s a good idea to have the battery tested and, if necessary, changed. Additionally, you can clean the connectors to ensure that the cable is securely linked.

Examine Lights

If you haven’t checked all of your lights before summer’s end, now is the time. Autumn brings shorter days and longer nights, which means your lights will be used more frequently, and you’ll want to ensure they all function properly.

Check all components, including the headliner, brake lights, emergency lights, and taillights, to ensure they operate properly and that no bulbs require replacement. Consider cleaning them as well, as they may have accumulated dust, filth, and dead insects during the summer months.

Clean or Replace Your Windshield Wipers

You may have neglected to use your windshield wipers over the summer, but that is likely to change come September. Wipers must be clean and undamaged; otherwise, they will not adequately clear the windshield, posing a significant safety concern when driving in the rain.

Therefore, inspect your windshield wipers for signs of wear or cracks, and replace them promptly if they appear to be damaged.

Examine Tires

Tires must be in good condition during the fall and winter months due to the more hazardous road conditions. Check the tire pressures and get them inflated if necessary, while also inspecting the treads for signs of wear and replacing them if necessary.

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