What Are 4 Tips to Help You Avoid Drunk Driving During the Holidays?

The holiday season has the highest DUI arrest rate of the year, as more people drive drunk during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations. More people are traveling throughout the country than at any other time of year, which means that there are more opportunities for people to drive while impaired during the holidays.

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More Things To Know About Tips to Help You Avoid Drunk Driving During the Holidays

To prevent receiving a DUI – or something far worse – it is critical to avoid drunk driving during the holidays. While this is undoubtedly challenging for many individuals, the following four guidelines will assist you in avoiding drinking and driving during the holidays:

Ride in Cabs, Uber, and Lyft Vehicles

If you’re traveling somewhere and intend to drink during the holidays, simply avoid driving! With Uber, Lyft, and the classic taxis all available, you do have options for getting around over the holidays without having to worry about driving while impaired.

Make the mistake of taking the automobile simply because the ride is short. Even the shortest journey might result in a DUI or auto accident if the driver is inebriated, so never take the risk and request a ride to and from your location.

Drink Responsibly

Even if you are not driving, it is still sensible to drink responsibly during the holidays – after all, nobody wants to get excessively drunk or suffer from a terrible hangover.

When it comes to drinking responsibly during the holidays, the rules are very straightforward. Never drink on an empty stomach, always drink a glass of water between drinks, and restrict yourself to a few glasses of alcohol.

That so, avoid driving even if you’ve had one or two drinks, as alcohol can cause varying degrees of intoxication, which means you could risk a DUI or worse.

Get Someone To Regularly Switch the Driver Role with You

You’re likely to attend a few different celebrations over the holidays, so consider taking turns being the designated driver with friends and family. For instance, you may be the designated driver on Christmas Eve, a relative could be the designated driver on Christmas Day, and another person could drive on New Year.

Essentially, everyone in your social group who wants to abstain from drinking and driving can take a turn as the designated driver. This does not mean that you should not drink at all while driving.

Stay Overnight

Attending a Christmas party at a friend’s house across town? Then consider staying the night to prevent driving while intoxicated. However, be sure to inquire in advance in case they have relatives coming over for the holidays.

The same is true for any party you attend, and if you don’t want to impose, consider inviting a buddy who lives nearby or booking a cheap hotel or motel for the night. Booking lodging is also a smart idea if you intend to visit a bar.

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